Agnès Pezeu


Being received by Fréderic in Val’s studio was a fantastic experience.

An intense moment of concentration for the project I wanted to realise in a very short time but with a discreet and extremely professional accompaniment of the whole studio team. [+]

Agnès Pezeu. French sculptor and artist
Christian Develter

Christian Develter


When I created this work, I honestly had no idea what endeavor I was embarking on with Frédéric and his amazing artisans from Figures and Sala. And what a journey it has been, taking us from my studio in the shadows of Angkor to the legendary workshop in Bangkok not only creating a magnificent sculptural work of art but also reviving an old friendship. [+]

Christel Robertson


On several occasions, I have worked with the Figures & Sala studio to mould and cast my bronze sculptures in Thailand.

Despite the distance, as I work and live in France, everything has always gone very well. The shipments were very secured. [+]

Christel Robertson. French sculptor
Christine Blom. French sculptor

Christine Blom

I had a great time working with Frédéric and his team at their art sculpture studio Figures & Sala. It was my first time having my ceramic pieces made in bronze. [+]

Laure de Ghellinck


Clay and I met over 25 years ago.
Back in France since 2016 after 12 years in Bangkok, I continue to sculpt in my studio in Nantes.

In 2022, I met up again with Frédéric Morel, founder with Val of the Figures and Sala sculpture studio, and his talented team in Bangkok. Making my bronzes with them was an obvious choice. [+]

Laure de Ghellinck
Philippe Desloubières. French sculptor

Philippe Desloubières


Philippe’s favourite medium is steel sheet which he cuts, forges and assembles to create his often monumental artworks. The strength, beauty and elegance of his sculptures lie in the tightly stretched curves of his surfaces. [+]

Valérie Goutard (Val)

Val sculpted in our studio and casted with one of our partner foundries his masterpiece Du chaos à la sagesse, which is one of the most monumental contemporary bronze sculptures in the world with a length of 36m and a height of almost 5m. [+]

Valérie Goutard, Val, has founded her sculpture studio Figures & Sala in 2011. She created there Du chaos à la sagesse one of the largest bronze sculptures in the world. Val is one of the top ten French contemporary sculptors of history.
Valérie Goutard, Val, and Frédéric Morel have founded her sculpture studio Figures & Sala in 2011. They created and installed Ocean Utopia evolutionary underwater sculptures in Koh Tao Thailand.

Ocean Utopia by Figures & Sala


Val and Figures & Sala have created one of the most innovative sculptural projects of our time, combining art and ecology. Ocean Utopia is a set of three sculptures in bronze and marine concrete immersed in the south of Koh Tao in Thailand to serve as an inking for the re-implantation of corals in an area where they had disappeared. [+]



Figures & Sala and Gary are starting their collaboration in 2018. This will be followed by a series of plasters sent from the studio in France to the one in Bangkok. [+]

Gary. French sculptor
Francesco Cappuccio. Italian Designer

Francesco Cappuccio


Francesco is a renown designer. His company, Lightsculptures, entrusted us with technical drawings of monumental chandeliers that he wanted to produce in brass.[+]