Our sculpture studio is expert and cultivates a sense of excellence in all stages of the creation of bronze artworks.
The history of our place is so particular that it gives a genuine legitimacy to this promise :
We see ourselves as the ideal partners to accompany sculptors and designers in their most challenging bronze dreams.

the art of bronze







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the art of bronze

What can be said about bronze art except that it is a process that is as ancient as it is complex, which requires great rigour and whose result is as exciting as it is profound. A bronze sculpture makes people vibrate precisely because it is made of this alloy. With this medium, it becomes noble and touches the eternal.
More than 5,000 years ago, people in the Middle East understood its magic. Their technique spread throughout the known world, reaching its artistic peak during the Roman Empire, while in Asia it remained until modern times almost exclusively linked to bronze pieces dedicated to religious rites.
In Europe, bronze statuary fell into disuse at the end of Antiquity and only reappeared in France at the beginning of the Renaissance and then throughout the continent, thanks to the patronage of the states and the church. Its long history gave birth to a genius in the 19th century who was at the origin of the birth of modern sculpture. Auguste Rodin was the first to break away from the classical and purely figurative approach and influenced generations of artists towards more abstract creations. The challenge of bronze held no secrets for him.



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