Figures & Sala: A House, a Garden, an Art Studio
Val and Fred have imagined a house, a workshop, a garden according to their aspirations of life.

Inspired by the Thai traditional architectural style of Ayutthaya, playing with lush tropical nature, they created a today's art space. Personal rhetoric of light, of volume where Asia and the West meet and match.

An interactive art space
Home and garden merge, art and vegetation respond to each others. Throughout the visit, works of art communicate with peoples by inviting them for an intimate conversation.

Here, the work makes the timeless merger between peoples and the Nature. The sun plays with the sculptures, brings them to life and reveals them.

Nature interacts with the artist, the artwork takes shape, nature sublimates it. Then, the work of art expresses itself, tells its own story to peoples. The incredible energy generated by these interactions makes this place singular and artistically virtuous.


A search for balance
Walking through the paths of this unique art place, is discovering an harmonious area where art reigns and where human being recovers its own place and its own balance.
“My work is the reflection of my perception of life, my sculptures essentially picture the uniqueness of human destiny, all my small figures are trying to do their best in their own life, they are at the same time fragile and full of hopes, they feel the smallness of their existence in the vastness of the world but their thoughts, their emotions, their feelings have no limits, they are able to go further and move mountains with their heart.” Val

The pristine white walls contrast with aluminium, bronze, wood, canvas ... The art studio is a luxurious invitation to a world of unique creation, led by Val’s sculptures, photographs and paintings of Manolo Chrétien and of Cédric Marie Antoine.

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