A Studio at the heart of the Art
What characterizes Figures & Sala, besides of being a unique place where the artist draws her inspiration, it is the presence of the workshop : The art studio where Val works.

This art studio is a project Val and Frédéric had a few years ago as Val’s sculptures were getting larger and as her quality and technical requirements were getting higher.
“For me to create, I work totally isolated from the outside world, I need to be fully concentrated. What is surprising is that I feel like listening to the music of the world to create my sculptures, but to be able to do it, I need to be in my inner world protecting me of the interferences of the outside world.” Val

A workshop which matches with the artist’s ambitions
In the last past years, Val’s scuptures tended to monumental size and became technically more elaborated playing in a universal rhythm between void and fullness. “With time, I felt that to achieve my creations, I needed to acquire some of the casting techniques. To reach this goal, I needed to have my own team. We are now a team of five at the workshop; we work all together in an open space. The atmosphere is turn to concentration; we work powerfully in peace”. Val

Interplay with mediums and senses
The workshop is like a resonance box, sounds arise, bronze resonates of the noise of the tools. The scent of hot wax mixed with the smells of metal work and carved wood. Rays of light falling from the roof, lightning of the welding machines, reveal silhouettes gushing from architectures.
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