Manolo Chrétien


Industrial Inspiration

French photograph, Manolo Chrétien is totally invested by the world of industry, especially aeronautics: it's been ten years that he pays a tribute to a bright riveted aluminium universe, riveted, with jet engines, hot tarmac and kerosene smells that he grew up with. He calls it "Aluminations" a brilliant mix of illuminations, hallucinations and aluminium.

The Aeronautic Industry

Born on a French Air Force base in 1966, he lives and works between Loire Valley and Paris.

In 1982, back from a mission, is father (first French astronaut Jean-Loup Chrétien) brought him back a "Lomo", compact camera (bad copy of a Minox) used by the KGB at that time, and that nowadays became a collector used by many contemporary artists.

After a Degree in a famous French art school (Olivier de Serres in Paris), he created in 1991 his own graphic design & photography studio. He worked as an Art Director and photograph for national companies.



Passion for contemporary photography, travels and original material

He now lives exclusively with modern photography.

Since 1998 Manolo goes back to his roots : he estimates essential to find back the innocence of his kid vision, to reveal wonderment and excess.
From Paris to Tucson, he relives then the epic of modern aviation through reports around the world on mythical places where all kind of planes are based.

Very attached to keep a total coherence between a subject and the material he uses for his exhibitions, he uses a technique of fine art print on brushed aluminium, metal used for all the fuselages he tracks all over the globe.

These last years, he has oriented his works closer to contemporary art: he likes to play with the purity of forms, and plane designs are so fluid for aerodynamics reasons that their outlines are very pure and organic. He brings photography a new original dimension.

His last series, "Nouveaux-Nez", is the result of a face to face between the artist and the aircrafts he saw taking off and landing since he was young.

Manolo Chrétien shows his works all over Europe.

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