Cédric-Marie ANTOINE

Cédric Marie Antoine is an artist for whom relationship to time is essential. He foresees art, and more specifically his paintings, in several manners. The use of numerous processes, materials and media, marks the evolution of Cédric Marie Antoine’s work.
Born on August 11th, 1949 in Saint-Quay-Portrieux (France), he decided to study Fine Arts (Beaux-Arts), then he experienced news forms of expression and techniques. The artist leaves a mark as much as do his paintings, he is the common denominator of creative frenzy and technical experiment.

Cédric Marie Antoine is a contemporary, free, curious and independent painter. With the artist and as shows his artistic career, nothing is never fixed, his painting represents the moment and art expresses its evolution.

His Atypical career...

From 1949 to 1969: FRANCE, Art discovering and studies

August 11, 1949 • Born at Saint-Quay-Portrieux. France
1967 - 1972 • Studies at Beaux Arts, Paris
1969 - 1969 • Explorative work with clay and fire art, for new a forms of artistic expression with enamels and oxides

From 1969 to 1970: ITALY, Learning of ancient techniques…

• After the floods in northern Italy in 1966, assisting in the restoration of flood damaged frescoes, books, and manuscripts
• Extensive studies of the ancient techniques of frescoes, in Italy

From 1970 to 1984: FRANCE, creation of workshops and diversification of his art

1970 • Setting up a ceramics workshop in Reims which becomes part of a district cultural project
1971 • Creates a ceramics and painting studio in the village of Fismes – Marne. Many artists join to work there
1972 • Creates his first three dimensional – relief – canvasses
1973 • Works on the illustrations of tales written by Jeannette Besançon-Flot: ’Five books of Tales
• Takes up residence in Paris, rue Bonaparte
• Creates illustrations for magazines: ELLE, and Cosmopolitan
• Settles in Normandy and starts working on ‘Art de la poste
• Paintings on clothes, cars, and creation of ceramic walls for primary schools
1981 • Moves to his new studio at La Mare Seule, Normandy
• Develops objects for ‘Art de la table’, including engraved glass

From 1984 to 1999: USA: “New World”, new workshop and new experimentations

1984 • Installs a summer studio in New-York, where he works each summer since
1985 • Reconnects with his earlier ceramic work and creates new ceramic art
1986 • Starts a series of, ‘Serie des célébrités (grandes toiles en relief)’ with paintings in relief of: David Bowie, Nancy Cunnard, Facteur Cheval, Colette, Yves Simon, Klaus Nomi, etc.
1989 • Creates paintings ‘A la manière de…(mixed media canvases)’ with paintings paying homage to: Picasso, Braque, Matisse, Metzinger, Fernand Léger
1990 • Creates works ‘En collages’ on different materials, applying paint to pieces of furniture (chairs, armchairs, canapés, tables), and varied objects (boxes, lamp, bottles, radios, TV sets, computers, telephones)
1991 • Creates ‘Grands formats au tampon’ prints of linocuts and various print media
1992 • Starts a new series of large canvasses in his studio in New York, and Greenwich, CT
1993 • Works on large canvases in acrylic for the series ‘Les petits déjeuners
1994 • Works on new ‘tampons’ – linocuts on Chinese paper for ‘La série des verres
1995 • Works on the portfolio of etchings: ‘Les chemins de Cajarc
• Starts works on a new series on Thai paper: ‘Carnets de Thailande
1996 • ‘Petits formats sur papiers chinois’, start of a series of small ink drawings
1997 • Drawings and small acrylics themed, ‘Les tasses à café
1998 • Series of large acrylic paintings, ‘Les poires
1999 • ‘Carnet de voyage japonais,’ small paitings and drawings

From 1999 to 2013: France, new concept

2000 – 2005 • Move to a new studio in La Sogne, Normandy, not far from his old studio in ‘La Mare Seule’
• Resumes work on the 1993 series of ‘Les petit déjeuners,’ using a new work process inspired by the Japanese techniques of Insatsu (printing)
• The first Insatsu based on the ‘Les petit dejeuners’ theme: ‘La petite cuillère noire,’ ‘L’œuf à la coque,’ and a diptyque, ‘Les chemins gris
• Works on canvases in acrylic based on previous works on paper
• New Insatsu: ‘Arbres #1,; Arbres #2, Main rouge et Main jaune, Poire rouge,’ and Insatsu of Celebrities: ‘Andy Warhol, Picasso, Dali, Marilyn
• Resumes work on the 1995 series, ‘Les chemins de Cajarc’ in acrylic on Canvas
2006 • Additional Insatsu of celebrities, ’Marilyn, Gauguin
2007 • New drawings in ink on Chinese paper, ‘Les tulipes,’ and new canvases in acrylic, ‘Les fruits
2008 • New diptych and big format paintings of ‘Les chemins de Cajarc’ using canvases with a 7cm wide overlap giving the paintings a sculptural dimension
2009 • Paintings in acrylic on paper of ‘Landscapes, Tulips’ (100cm by 70cm)
2010 • Paintings on canvas: ‘Paysages d’Automne
2013 • New large canvases: ‘Nature morte à la fenêtre
• Still live paintings: ‘Les bouteilles et les pommes,’ ‘Les bouteilles et les poires,’ ‘Les tasses à café,’ and ’Sur les fruits
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